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Passenger station in Japan

Those raised floor type is common in passenger station in Japan. In Japan National Railways, it was a standard raised-floor type of 760mm on the basis of the top rail, but it varies depending on the route and the company in the JR group. It uses a low-floor type and passenger rail outside of Japan, in many of the tram, but it is possible to see a lot of raised-floor type in passenger railway lines in urban areas.

The length of the platform is longer than the train stop in general. It is longer than the train, which stops by law is required in Japan, the deadline of the door in part or vehicle (door cut), the solution binding of the train is carried out in the case of the missing.

The railway lines outside of Japan there is an example of using the platform short of a few meters (such as Soyahonsen Nukaminami station). In this case, to adjust the rate platform so that the door of the vehicle prior to getting on and off when to stop the train.Because be made to shipment loading one car each be a long train of organization, there are examples to be installed only in a short platform freight station.

Longest platform intended Kharagpur station in India and West Bengal, it is 1,072 meters in the world. Longest platform is 558 meters of No. 0-30 bus stop of Kyoto Station in Japan, is divided into two parts of 30 bus stop and the number 0 as a stop because it has become a notch part.

Those of the separate platform, provided by shifting the simplex home two. The shifted platform in two lines but in addition, some of which are provided by shifting the platform on either side of the line in one single track. In short tram organization, seen many things that provided the home of another up and down on both sides of the intersection (crossing). This is because it is possible (to be longer in place) reduce the amount of increase in width by the above number of lanes is different (left right turn lane) is often, to shift the landing that the entry and exit intersection.

As long as it takes the non-automatic block system, replacement of (something like that) or the tablet is required. When connecting premises railroad crossing different platforms in an opposed platforms with a certain length or more, prior to the train station, in the case of providing it near the center of the entire lot from the viewpoint of convenience. Then, waste less if you stop before the head of the train which is opposed to the border crossing this as long as the effective length will allow to come in order to exchange the tablet. Above is useless from the premises crossing length train organized if not come. Having this history is often the case when the platform of a single line is the placement of a zigzag pattern in track section or railway lines, the usual.

Formula Island Home 

That both sides of the platform is in contact with the line. I will contact overpass, underpass, or premises crossing with other platforms and station building. Platform itself, is advantageous in such areas as installation costs compared to the two sides simplex home. However, in order to increase the speed of a passing train, it is necessary to mitigate the curve apart gradually interval vertical line from considerable front of the station, and also include front and rear sections of the station, need land many rather in some cases it is. Also, in addition there is a restriction or extension of the platform, the installation of stairs, etc. in the direction perpendicular shop, waiting room, and the line, it is inferior in terms of safety for the train to pass through the home sides. When performing mutual landing, resulting in the structure inevitably.

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